Aussie East Coast Wedding Photographer

None of the couples on my site are models; they’re all real couples (like you) who were most probably just as apprehensive about having their photo taken as you are. Don’t worry – we’re going to have fun.

More than my passion for storytelling is my love for people. I like to focus on cultivating a relationship with my couples before even touching the camera, I’ll probably drop a gnarly joke or two and start boogying to John Mayer because why not? I’m your best friend who just happens to have a camera. So yes, I’ll definitely be showing everyone at the reception how Aussies really dance, after the formalities are out of the way.

That being said, how I shoot may not be for everyone. My style is for those who want the in-between moments, who prefer mood over technically correct, who want to remember the gut-busting laughs and spontaneous boogying, who stray from the old-school and like to get a little adventurous & dirty, and who aren’t afraid to run around or hike a mountainside to get a stellar shot.

I’m about capturing you two for who you are and what your relationship really is – not some posed, fake, unrealistic version of it.



“The moments you captured are unreal!"

"Mate you are an absolute laddo. You made the day all the more special my guy. We are over the moon with all the snaps, we appreciate your work and who you are.”


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