Hey! I'm so stoked you're here. I'm Levi Caleb Allan, most people know me as a full time frothing

Sunshine Coast
wedding photographer.

my clients know as the candid vibes maker (aka, the ultimate hype guy, as one person called it). Welcome.

Everyone has an idea for how they see their wedding photos, let me ask you this:

do you want your wedding memories to be



& definitely not boring?

The most momentous moments of your journey together, documented through beautifully warm and nostalgic images.

I totally agree; a lot of wedding photos you've most likely seen over the years are just flat out dull. There's hardly any emotion in the couple and you definitely can't feel any particular feel-good vibes coming from their photos. I say again, DUUUULL! How about the gnarly bridal party photo where the photographer has photoshopped in a dinosaur chasing them while they run away with lightsabers in their hands.. like, what the heck?

Dream with me for a second;

It’s a crisp, golden afternoon. The warm sun fills the dance floor with raw vibes while your favourite people are crowded around you screaming ‘Sweeeet Caroline (dah, dah, dah!)’. You take your lovers hand and give them a look that encapsulates the pure joy you feel right now as you yell “this is the greatest night of my life!”.

That's the kind of story I want to capture. What do you say?


Discover images without a shelf life. Moments, frozen in time.

Telling your story with artful excellence and purpose. One-of-a-kind images captured with soul, feeling and nostalgic emotion.

Let's make some magic

Wait, what? You're not a model either?

Epic! None of my couples are!

Not a single duo of the enthusiastically, overjoyed and laughing-so-much-they're-about-to-pee-themself couples on my site / Instagram are models. They're all real couples JUST LIKE YOU, with virtually no experience in front of the camera.

A photographer's role isn't only to click a camera, it's to direct and create an atmosphere where you can just be yourselves, unapologetically and authentically. Don’t worry hombre, we’re going to have an epic time together.