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Haaaang on a second, if you’re just wanting someone with a super rigged camera setup to pop in and get those posed group smiling shots, or you're shopping around for the cheapest deal, I'm probably not the best fit. 
And guess what? That’s okay. You deserve a photographer that slides into your wants and needs smoother then them dm's.
(all I slide into is woolies after they've restocked the lamingtons).

Photography is much more than something on your checklist of things to do for your wedding. I want it to be an experience for you two that makes you fall in love even more.

If you get your stoke fired up from filthy hiking shoes, pumping surf, that sweet scent of campfire on your favourite hoodie, you’re an absolute sucker for sunsets, probably down to jump a fence or two and partake in the occasional cow-tipping challenge, we’ll be best friends before you can watch all the seasons of FRIENDS.

Here's the catch: you’ve gotta be okay with me getting aaaall the moments.
The loud, the messy, the quiet, the happily unplanned, the ones you’re there for and the ones you miss. For sure, you’ll get the family shots and details. I wanna give you something you look back on again and again, and remember how you felt in that moment.

Let’s get the real love stuff, and tell your story together.


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That's odd, no idea who I am? Treat your night to a two-and-a-half-minute guaranteed good time:




pricing & availability

  • Weddings start at 2000

  • Elopements start at 1500

  • Local Sessions start at 500

Want to know more about our packages, or would just like to say hello? We'd love to hear more about you & your partner, and what you're planning for your special day.
Are you interested in adding film to our adventure? *

I try my best to respond to emails within 12 hours.
If you haven't heard from me within that time, please email me at




How many images are included?

Each package is different, our Essence collection delivers a minimum of 600 images.
I don't put a set number on the exact amount you will receive with the Halcyon package, but I never leave anything out. I don't put a cap or limit on what I will deliver, but I do guarantee a minimum. Every wedding is different and varies from the last, and numbers are always changing.

Do you give RAWs?

No, absolutely not. Editing is 50% of the magic that goes into telling your story, and without that huge step the images are only half done.
I promise to never leave any photos out that you’ll want/need, and if you feel I missed delivering a photo, just ask! I’m more than happy to check back through my images and send it over for you. No way would I let you miss out on any memories!

What kind of equipment do you use?

I shoot with two Sony mirrorless bodies + all prime lenses. Prime lenses are much sharper then your common zoom lens, they also allow for much finer detail + creamy buttery goodness, which equals amazing photos.
Usually my 35mm f/1.4 and my 85mm f/1.5 are stuck to my cameras.

How far in advance do we need to book?

If I have the spot open, it's yours! Our calendar dates in Spring & Autumn (especially) are usually booked up anywhere from a year+ to a few months in advance.

What do we wear for photos?

Wear something that's comfortable and is your style. Be yourselves!
Sticking to neutral/muted tones is best, but message me and I can help you choose outfits based on the location we will shoot at.

I noticed you're in Brisbane, do you travel and at what additional cost?

Heck yes! I love traveling, and am willing to go pretty much anywhere if you're down for it.
Fun fact; before I started shooting weddings I was (and still am) a full-time commercial travel & lifestyle photographer, check out my personal gram to see what I mean!

Wedding's in the Brisbane region do not require travel fees (woohoo!).
All wedding's outside the Brisbane region require a $500 travel fee (including New Zealand), this doesn't (usually) cover 100% of associated travel costs on our behalf but is rather a small sum to help - the rest will be taken out of the wedding collection cost at our expense.

How do we receive our photos?

All of your high resolution images will be hosted in a Dropbox gallery/folder, available for you to share and download at least two weeks after you tie the knot.

We're sold! How do we book?

Just let me know! I'll send over our contract that will need to be either printed, signed + sent back or electronically signed. Once I receive that + your deposit, you're on my calendar and that date's yours!