What We Offer

Like a hunter in the 1930s, we’ve been shooting things for years. The difference is we use cameras with long lenses, not long barrels.
This is what we’re passionate about capturing with our cameras.


The big moments.

Weddings with us is more than just someone rocking up with a camera, it's a full-on experience. We want to help plan, figure out and be apart of your wedding just as much as you are! We're your best friends, not just photographers, let's tell your unique story is the unique way it deserves.

Starting from $5,850


The special moments.

Wanna break the tradition and do your own thing for your wedding? Hell yeah. Travel to a foreign country to read your vows on a mountaintop, find an isolated island to seal the deal, stay in a cabin in the woods and promise yourselves to one another, the possibilities are endless.

Starting from $2000


The intimate moments.

One of my all-time favourite things to shoot. Whether it be engagements, anniversary vibes, or just because you want photos for your gram game. This isn't just an hour of you standing in front of my camera, I like to create an experience for you both. It's like a really rad date, just with your favourite third wheel.

Starting from $750

want more than just the little moments?

we capture love in different formats, including..


Alongside our photography collections, we also offer full-day videography as an add-on.

What better way to spice up the memories of your special day than re-watching your ceremony and listening to your vows word-to-word?

Prices are the same as photography collections.


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