My Style

Connection & Confidence

I focus almost all of my effort on creating a relationship with my couples before anything else. My whole vibe is that I'm your best friend who just happens to have a camera. I'm not a vendor and you're not my client, we're friends. It sounds counterintuitive, but dang it makes a difference in the atmosphere. Would you rather your friend take photos of you vulnerable and freaking out with excitement, or a random acquaintance?

Candid & Unposed, The Real Stuff

My style is profoundly centered on real moments. Because we're friends I don't need to tell you to smile, I can direct you in ways where you literally can't help but shit yourself laughing. The posed moments have their purpose, but that's not my whole vibe.

For sure we'll get the 'magazine cover' shot where you're look dead down the barrel of the lens, however where I really shine and bring the value for my clients is through having the know-how to cultivate and produce authentic moments that lead you into the most authentic and joyful selves.

Stop Living By Traditions

Now we've established that we're friends, I get to say this to you: STOP living by traditions and other peoples ideas of what your wedding should be. I'm all about couples breaking stigmas and doing things their way— because that’s how it really SHOULD be. Wanna get married at a music festival or under a waterfall? Froth yeah. Or maybe go hiking through the wilderness on your favourite weekend, camping under the stars and exchanging vows on the edge of a cliff?

Whatever it is that would make your day feel like you, I’m your one-stop-shop-of-froth supporter, and am here to help you every step of the way.

An Investment For The Generations

Photography is more than just a tickbox on your checklist of things to do. You may be incredibly focused on your seating plan, the bridesmaids' dresses, and what the flowers look like — but photography is truly the only material part of your wedding day that you will carry through the decades.

Photographs are something that will only increase in value over time as the images get passed down for generations. What you think might be a significant investment now, I promise you will be minuscule in ten years when you're both well and truly into your careers.

An Unparalleled Approach

Every couple's story is distinctive, so I try not to adhere to one particular style of direction. I make sure the way I’m socializing, shooting, and editing mirrors who my couples are and how things felt on the day.

The creative decisions I make aren’t to serve me, documenting your relationship and unique connection is my priority because these are YOUR memories, not mine. I focus on quality over quantity so we can create something together that you’ll value forever.

Limited Availability

I only take on thirty weddings a year, and naturally only a few sessions a month. I don’t believe it’s appropriate to my clients if I’m stretching myself because, in the end, they won’t be getting my best work if I’m physically, mentally, and creatively exhausted.

Summer months are usually the busiest with February through to April being the big hitters.

I'm Not Just A Photographer

I'm gonna go out on a limb and presume you've never been a bride or groom before and that you’re most likely trying to figure all of this stuff out as you go. This brings me to a very important aspect of what I do, I'm not just a dude with a camera - I’ve been to tonnes of weddings, I have a lot of know-how when it comes to all of the details and I want to help solve your prep/planning problems before you even realize they're there.

The to-dos and not to-dos, how to save ka-chinga's ($$$), how to get the most out of your day, build memories with your friends / family, design, plan, prepare, everything. If you think my job starts and ends with showing up to take some photos, you're greatly misinformed. I'm like a three-in-one budget-cutting professional ninja. I want to make your wedding prep a stress-free experience for you!

Here For A Good Time, Not A Long Time

Weddings are undoubtedly one of the most celebrated parties of your life. The ceremony is your chance to enjoy the traditions and soak it all in, and the reception is when you get to let your hair down, kick your shoes off and freakin boogy your booty off until you can't stand up straight!

I'm not the photographer who packs up and shuts up as soon as the clock ticks over 9pm, nah fam. I'll crack a cold one with the groomies and dance the 70's moves with your grandparents all night long. It's a party, and I'm not a vendor, I'm your friend who has the privilege to be apart of your family for one epic night.

All that is to say, I refuse to be the photographer who has a stick up his butt.


That's what she said:

Gaby & Dwayne

LEVI!!!!!! Levi, Levi, Levi.. Dwayne and I are so emotional right now, particularly me. I can't believe they are here, these are amazing! We seriously cannot even beging to find words for them. During the past few months thins have felt a little nervy through Covid and though Dwayne and I have always managed to find moments of joy, these are just the most perfect rays of sunshine where it has been a little grey.

Thank you SO much from the bottom of our hearts for pretty much immortalising our best memories, we know for years to come these will be the pick-me-ups we need, in fact I sent a couple of shots to our family and they've already responded with how much these have lifted their moods. We honestly couldn't have trusted a better person. You've been absolutely GOD SEND!

Rachael & Bradley

Okay, you may have just caused me to squeal with excitement and tears opening these photos at work!! I have no words, you are absolutely incredible and very talented. I can't stop looking at them and we seriously can't thank you enough!!

Pernille & Adam

Levi, these are ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. This is the best email I've opened this week!! You've been so good to us and we really enjoyed working with you on our special day. We can't thank you enough for how awesome you were with us and just how great you made us feel in front of the camera. Your personality really shone through and we really appreciate how easy it all was. You are just so damn talented and we are beyond thankful that we chose your o be our photographer! I shall be recommending your talent for sure!!

Tegan & Jordan

Levi, my goodness... How on EARTH are we supposed to sum up our appreciate for you!? Thank you SO much for shooting our wedding yesterday. You made us feel completely at ease throughout the entire day. We, our bridal party and our guests LOVED you and your energy, poise and professionalism.

We are so excited to see the end result of your beguiling talents. Thank you again (and for the rest of our lives), Tegan and Jordan x

Jenna & Vinze

DUDE, we are over the moon with all the snaps. Thanks man, seriously appreciate your work, your enthusiasm and who you are!

Mate you are an absolutely lad! You made our big day all the more special my guy. And the moments you capture are unreal! Catch up soon big man <3

Maddi & Cam

LEVI!! These shots are insane! Thank you so much for capturing these for us!!

I can speak for both of us when I say that we absolutely had a ball with you last week. You made us feel super comfortable in front of the camera, when we are used to being behind it! I ADORE THESE PICS! Thank you so so much again!