G'day, I'm Levi

My desire for visual storytelling sprang at a moderately early age in my life. Originally, going outside with a camera was a platform to process trauma after my parents divorced when I was 12 and my father passed away when I was 16. In a super eye-rolling way, my camera gave me hope and dreams as a youngster when my life sucked.

The last 15 years of my life have been fairly nomadic, it’s never been a luxury to carry around a lot of physical possessions and I’ve had to find the joy and passion in living minimally. When I lived in my van all I really had were my cameras and my surfboards, and it was awesome.

This next part's a bit of my story and the philosophy behind why I shoot weddings. It's a long read, but it's here if you're interested.


I got into shooting weddings in 2016 when my old youth pastor asked if I would shoot his wedding. At the time I had only ever shot one wedding a few years earlier and it was quite possibly one of the worst experiences of my life, and I remember telling myself that I would never shoot another wedding after that. I thought and prayed about it a lot, and I concluded that if there was ever a wedding that would re-light the fire so-to-speak, it would be this wedding with an awesome couple with who I’m already very good friends and there aren’t any barriers to break down.

Two months after their wedding I felt God put on my heart to move down to Brisbane. I didn’t have a job or anywhere to stay all I knew is it that was somewhere I felt called to for a season. Sitting on my best friends balcony with no clue on what to do with my life and very confused why I thought God had called me down here, I was looking through the photos of the wedding I shot two months earlier and decided to upload a small selection of that album to Facebook, posted them in some wedding groups and said “God, if weddings are what you’re calling me to pursue, show me something that confirms that”, and to my surprise, within 48 hours that post had north of 40,000 impressions and I couldn’t keep up with the number of inquiries I was getting.

I spent the next two weeks on my best friend’s couch creating a website and a brand and it finally made sense why The Big G called me to Brissy for a season.

What I really enjoy about weddings and being a part of them is the idea that I’m not just this guy with the camera, you know. I’m on the dancefloor with your grandma, cracking jokes with the lads, running around the field with you at golden hour trying not to trip over as I’m shooting bangers of you guys. Because by that point, I’m your best friend, I’m not just ‘a photographer’.

The only reason I decided to shoot another wedding after that first gnarly experience was because my old youth pastor and his (now wife) were really good friends of mine and there was no ice to break. The experience wasn’t wrapped up in this bubble of ‘professionalism’ and ‘being hired for a job’ but rather three friends just hanging out having a good time and taking photos on the coolest day of their lives.

My entire focus is around that idea, I invest in a relationship with my clients before anything else. Relationship with my clients guides me through every wedding I’m apart of, my entire vibe is to be your best friend giving you the best dam photos and experience you’re ever going to receive for your wedding, because my friends deserve to have THE BEST FREAKING DAY EVER.