let's go!


My Bucket List

Travelling is more rad then three goats in top hats juggling bagels. I love travelling.

SO! I put together a travel'some list of countries/locations that I'm absolutely fizzing to experience, and would love to experience it with an incredible couple too!
I've got some pretty ridonculous discounts available to any couple that would like to bring me and my camera along with them to any of these places.

If your dream wedding matches up with any of these rad'tastic spots, let's make it happen!

Countries / Locations

Iceland  /  Alaska  /  Norway  /  Switzerland  /  Maldives
Canada  /  US  /  France  /  Sweden  /  Finland  /  Faroe Islands
Greece  /  Brazil  /  Peru  /  Cuba  /  Morocco  /  Philippines

Are you planning something intimate + adventurous and your wedding location isn’t on this list?
Contact me fam! I ultimately want to see every corner of the world I can, and would love to do it with you and your lover.