Response Time

I’m taking a lot more time for myself lately to work on relationships with people, build community on the coast and plan/work on other projects of mine. I still want to maintain the quirky aussie vibes with my emails and want to be the one you communicate without delegating that part of the business.

I don’t respond to emails outside of my work hours Monday through Thursday, 10am – 3pm AEST. I like to keep weekends open for camping, surf trips, dreaming about van life with a dog etc.

I also travel a lot, and because I straight-out refuse to hire a VA from the Phillipines to do my emails, my response time may be slower during the weeks/months I’m off shooting/galavanting the planet like a wind-spread disease as I’m focusing all of my energy on my couples, their stories, and the connection I’m fortunate enough to be there photographing.

Thanks so freakin much for being patient and understanding, as I’m just a human, and I pinky promise I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! Just tryin to focus on the good things in life.